Window Display Decoratum

We designed and created everything for a furniture shop in Marylebone called Decoratum. By Olivia & Viviana Conti

We designed and created props to showcase 3 pencil stools for a furniture shop in Marylebone called Decoratum.
Because of the big size of the window we needed enough elements to fill the space. We chose one of our favorite pieces of furniture from the shop which was a pencil stools that came in a range of colours.
We decided to create a scene with colour coded chandeliers each made with 100 pencils which was a long process of individual covering the top and bottoms with masking tape and then spray painting them twice, once this was done we had to attach them to two hoops with a needle and thread through the rubber part and making 3 knots on both ends to make sure it was secure to hold for 6 weeks. All together we had accomplished 1800 knots and counting. 
We also wanted to change the backdrop to bring some colour so we printed 3 (6-sheet) wallpaper spotlights with our pencil designs, we also added a unique element to each one. We also decided to create silhouettes made from wire instead of foam board, we wanted the silhouettes to be seen however not covering our wallpaper spotlights there for wire was the perfect material to create two people standing in front of the chairs, and with the use of wire we decided to make only the clothing with a lot more detail, the lady with high heel wire shoes standing up without support and a hat and gloves and bag. The man has a top hat and brief case with laced up shoes.
Please watch our video bellow.  

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